"Classic Wings" Vol. 20/No. 1 2013, Issue 89

CLASSIC WINGS Vol. 20 Issue 89

“Classic Wings” Vol. 20/No. 1 2013, Issue 89

Check out the article on GossHawk Unlimited, Inc. in the new “Classic Wings”! The article, The GossHawk- A Rare Bird, written by Dave McDonald gives a sneak peek into the life of Dave Goss and how he created GossHawk Unlimited. This is a well-rounded article that takes the reader from the beginnings of GossHawk to present day. In this article you will read about Dave Goss and how he came into the aviation world, Dave’s adventures at the Champlin Fighter Museum in addition to his adventures with Doug Champlin, how GossHawk came about, the many accomplishments GossHawk has made along the way and where GossHawk is at today.

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