Gosshawk Unlimited

An industry leader in the restoration and maintenance of vintage and warbird aircraft.

Our team at GossHawk Unlimited has been involved in all aspects concerning the restoration and maintenance of aircraft. From original World War I airplanes and replicas, through the gamut of World War II warbirds and Vietnam era aircraft, we do it all. Our extensive experience includes both American and foreign aircraft designs, and ranges from older wood and cloth constructed airframes to more modern jet based aircraft.

Aircraft Restoration

With over 41 years of experience, our team is experienced in restoring aircraft of varying type and class, including biplanes, prop planes and jets.

Aircraft Maintenance

We offer full service aircraft maintenance with FAA certified mechanics with both A&P and IA licenses, allowing us to perform a wide array of inspections and repairs.


GossHawk Unlimited has multiple projects under its roof, this includes projects we are currently working on or projects for sale that we would like to restore.