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Fw 190D-13/R11 (Long Nose Focke-Wulf)

After we switched the wings with the Air Force Museum's Fw 190D-9 to correct the mix-up of parts that occurred in the 1950's, we began the restoration of the only surviving Fw 190D-13/R11 in existence. The aircraft structure was completely restored and parts fabricated as per the originals. The aircraft was completely rewired. New fuel tanks, new plumbing and new instrument panels were fabricated. The original instruments were overhauled and installed.

The 20mm automatic cannons, ammo cans and ammo chutes were fabricated and installed on the aircraft.

We painted the airplane to the exact color scheme that was on the original aircraft when it was surrendered in 1945.

Behind the Scenes

During the restoration we spent over $7,000 in ordering special rivets, including large diameter steel rivets, from Germany to put the wing sections back together.

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