In Memory of Jeff Pino

In Memory of Jeff Pino

We had the privilege of having Jeff Pino in our lives for two years. It was much too short, but to call him a friend for a short period of time was better than none. Jeff came to us in February 2014 and asked us to take care of his P-51, from that point on we became quick friends. Jeff’s personality was a good match with the Goss family, and although it was so short we felt like Jeff was a longtime friend.

Over those two years we saw Jeff quite a bit. Not only taking care of his airplanes, but also at airshows and when he would drop in for a quick visit or lunch. Jeff was always interested in what was going on at GossHawk, he was a big supporter. He liked to wear his GossHawk shirt out and about, to Oshkosh and several times he came out for a visit to our shop wearing our shirt. When we took the Privateer to Oshkosh in 2015, Jeff had planned on going but extenuating circumstances prevented it. Even though Jeff could not go, he wanted updates of our trip at the stops we made and how the Privateer was doing.

Jeff was not only a good customer, but a fun friend. Dave and I got to spend some time with Jeff at the Reno Air Races in 2014. One of my favorite memories was at the go cart track with Jeff. He had only been in our lives for about six months at that point, but that did not stop him from sticking it to me on the track. Our first lap, Jeff all but took me out, he hit me so hard I had a bruise on my back the next day. Next lap, Dave really took Jeff out and then those two battled it out to the end while I took the lead and won the race. It was good fun!

My favorite memory with Jeff was when he took me up in his P-51. I was honored, proud and excited to be his first passenger. He had dual controls installed and wanted to see how it would feel with a light person in the back, as well as how comfortable it would be for a passenger. I jumped at the opportunity! It was such a fun flight for the both of us! This was before I had started my pilot training, and I will never forget that Jeff taught me “step on the ball”. Meaning that on the needle and ball instrument, it shows a ball that is supposed to be centered in the middle. When it goes off to the left or the right, you are to apply either right rudder or left rudder depending which way the ball went. Now whenever I hear that phrase I will always think of Jeff.

There are so many good memories of Jeff that I could share and go on and on. I made a video that includes pictures that I took during his visits to GossHawk as well as times we saw him at his home, Reno, and Copperstate. Most of the pictures are of Jeff and his P-51. He loved to fly her, and I loved to photograph her!

Jeff, it is not the same without you popping in for lunch! We miss you so much, and we will always cherish your friendship!

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