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Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

In April 2013 the Privateer was stripped of her fire bomber colors. No final decision has been made as to which scheme she will carry next, Navy or Coast Guard. Due to the fact she is so large, and you can never really see both sides at once, there has been talk of doing a split scheme commemorating both the Navy and the Coast Guard. In addition to her new bare metal look, other changes and restorations have been made, with more to come. Stars and bars were applied to the aircraft. New plexi glass was installed where it had been removed when she was a fire bomber, opening the waist windows even more and adding additional observation windows. The cockpit is being restored in sections. Most recently the pilot and co-pilot seats were restored, and the floor is currently undergoing restoration. Check back in from time to time to see new restoration pictures!

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