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Archive for February 2017

S.P.A.D XIII at Sky Harbor

Last weekend Dave and part of the GossHawk crew disassembled the S.P.A.D. XIII at Sky Harbor. We refurbished and installed her in Terminal 3 back in 2007. She is one of six originals in the world. They decided to modernize the terminal, so she had to come down. For now she is in storage, but…

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In Memory of Jeff Pino

We had the privilege of having Jeff Pino in our lives for two years. It was much too short, but to call him a friend for a short period of time was better than none. Jeff came to us in February 2014 and asked us to take care of his P-51, from that point on we became quick friends. Jeff’s personality was a good match with the Goss family, and although it was so short we felt like Jeff was a longtime friend.

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